Welcome to Africa!

Established in 1998, Eco Ranger with its Eco Academy is the leader in providing quality Eco and Wildlife education in Africa and is positioned to be the benchmark Eco and Wildlife educational academy globally.

Our professional integrated training expose all students to non-traditional coursework and develop essential professional skills to produce graduates to bridge the science–management gap and promote the sustainable conservation of natural resources.

Courses are offered on a phased basis to allow local, national and international students, ad hoc clients and junior rangers the opportunity to enhance professional skills, prepare for a new career or pursue intellectual inquiry for personal enrichment.

Educational and training programs adhere to prescribed curricula and are approved by SAQA the only educational authority in South Africa.

The Academy is an Accredited Training Provider with SAQA and CathsSeta

Eco Ranger Academy:           SDL: L 216             Provider Reg No: 613/P/000242/2014